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Explore the flavour harmony of Indian cooking when you choose from our shop’s wide array of Indian food products to give your culinary creations the essence of Eastern cuisine.


Experience the vibrant and deep flavours of our home-cooked food that has made us famous in Melbourne and around Australia for preparing some of the best Indian curry dishes and other delectable hot menu items.

Looking for a catering service with a unique menu to spice up your parties, weddings, special occasions, business conventions or other gatherings? Our tasty menu options will suit any occasion and satisfy any palate.

A Convenient Way of Getting Your Food

We offer FREE delivery for orders over $50 that are within 3kms in the CBD area.

Orders under $50 that are within 3kms in the CBD area, will be charged a fee of $10 only.

For orders more than 3kms away, only those over $50 may be delivered or posted (DELIVERY OR POSTING FEE NOT YET INCLUDED).

Our delivery terms and conditions allow us to keep serving you at your greatest convenience.

Thank you for choosing Curry Corner!

When it comes to Indian cuisine, you can trust us to know everything you need.

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