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Chicken Biryani

A mixed rice dish seasoned with herbs and Indian spices and slow-cooked together with meat and/or vegetables, our biryani serves as a complete meal in itself, balancing a burst of exciting Eastern flavours with the essence of true comfort food.

Chicken Curry

Our signature curry dishes come with a choice of meat or vegetables generously slathered with gravy sauce made from our own homemade blend of herbs and spices to give you a mouthful of comfort in authentic Eastern flavours. The curry is served together with rice and fresh roti flatbread.

Chicken Samosas

Our best-seller samosas continue to delight both loyal and new customers. These warm, triangular curry pies with potato, chicken or lamb filling and a perfect blend of spices are a popular Indian pastry that can serve as a satisfying breakfast or snack. Our version is a favourite among customers.